Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Software I Love (for windows)

I love free software. HEAVY emphasis on the free. However I do not like to sacrifice quality.

Here are some of my favorites(Note, these are all for the Windows operating system):

General Use:

Virus scanner - AVG Free

Two Way Firewall - ZoneAlarm

File System Cleaner - CCleaner

Disk Defragger - Auslogics Disk Defrag

MS Office Alternative - Open Office

Notepad2 - Better notepad (with syntax highlighting) NOTE: Normally I use UltraEdit as it is my favorite text editor, but it is not free. If forced to us a free editor, Notepad2 is my 2nd choice.

Picture Editing -

Gimp - Hat/tip my friend Shambo

Music Radio Listening - - new desktop, no browser version.

Clipboard Manager - xNeat

APP Updater - Filehippo

Disk Usage - WinDirStat A graphical disk usage tool on steroids.

DEVELOPER SPECIFIC - Many of these will not make sense to you, unless you are a developer.

Regular Expressions Editor - Expresso

HTTP Debugging tool for IE - Fiddler

Web Service Tester - Web Service Studio

SQL Tidy - SQL Formatter

Javascript development tools - JQuery


View State Helper - Binary Fortress

.net Code Decompiler - Reflector

Linq - LINQPad

Windows Management and Debugging tools - Sysinternals NOTE: Hands down the best free tools for managing and debugging your system can be found here.

Amazing predictions from 1958 that came true will blow your Mind

This is amazing. I guess the writing has been on the wall a long time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Michele Bachmann calls out Napolitano

WOW, will they actually listen to her, or dismiss her as one of us right wing extremists she is trying to defend. I admire her bravery. However, I think she will join the ranks of the other brave Republican Conservatives who have voiced their outrage and become a target of smears and ridicule. Too bad we can’t clone her, or at least steal some of her mojo for the RINOs.

Oh, and Timothy McVeigh? Stop shoveling that crap. He was one of MILLIONS who were released. Myself included. The rest of us assimilated just fine back into civilian life.

Ooorah Michelle!