Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Software I Love (for windows)

I love free software. HEAVY emphasis on the free. However I do not like to sacrifice quality.

Here are some of my favorites(Note, these are all for the Windows operating system):

General Use:

Virus scanner - AVG Free

Two Way Firewall - ZoneAlarm

File System Cleaner - CCleaner

Disk Defragger - Auslogics Disk Defrag

MS Office Alternative - Open Office

Notepad2 - Better notepad (with syntax highlighting) NOTE: Normally I use UltraEdit as it is my favorite text editor, but it is not free. If forced to us a free editor, Notepad2 is my 2nd choice.

Picture Editing -

Gimp - Hat/tip my friend Shambo

Music Radio Listening - - new desktop, no browser version.

Clipboard Manager - xNeat

APP Updater - Filehippo

Disk Usage - WinDirStat A graphical disk usage tool on steroids.

DEVELOPER SPECIFIC - Many of these will not make sense to you, unless you are a developer.

Regular Expressions Editor - Expresso

HTTP Debugging tool for IE - Fiddler

Web Service Tester - Web Service Studio

SQL Tidy - SQL Formatter

Javascript development tools - JQuery


View State Helper - Binary Fortress

.net Code Decompiler - Reflector

Linq - LINQPad

Windows Management and Debugging tools - Sysinternals NOTE: Hands down the best free tools for managing and debugging your system can be found here.

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