Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We can't do ObamaCare, but we SHOULD do something

Obama's health care plan is atrocious. It is an evil thing that if given birth will go a long way towards stripping the rights of the individual away like layers of an onion. If we stop HR 3200, should we stop there? I along with many others think no. We should pass some sort of reform. Here are my ideas for reform. Jut throwing them out in the far off chance someone likes them. These are all pie in the sky ideas to me, and just seem to be common sense to me. But then again I am not a congressman.
  • Remove the restrictions on health care insurers that prevent them from selling out of state policies. This has been touted by many, and should lead to more competition, and the ability for people to purchase health care from many other sources.
  • Stop insurers from denying people based on pre-existing conditions. However, this is a two-way street. Why did the original insurance carrier all of a sudden dump someone who was in dire need of care? If they dumped them because of a developing condition, the old insurance company should be liable to pay a premium to their new carrier. Too many people have paid long and hard into insurance policies only to have the rug yanked out from underneath them as they developed a life threatening condition.
  • Tort reform. Yes, some lawsuits are legitimate. However many are not. Our doctors and hospitals are drowning in the costs of their own insurance protecting against lawsuits. We need to punish those who are in the practice of frivolous lawsuits.
  • Tax breaks for employers based upon the total number of employees they employ that are also insured.This could be percentage based. I believe this would not only help employers give employees insurance, but may help them hire more workers.
  • Employers should be liable to carry a persons insurance exactly the same as it was during their employ for a prorated amount of time, or until they find a new job if that employee is laid off. For each year of employ the employer should be responsible to carry that persons insurance for 1 month. Fully covered by the employer. This cost will be offset by tax breaks. This should help people who get laid off until they can get back on their feet. If the employee finds a new job with health care then the employer can at that time cancel the coverage.

    For example:
    less than 1 year work = 0 months
    1 year = 1 month
    2 years = 2 months
  • Ability to cover ones parents under ones own insurance.I for one, want to take care of my parents. They took care of me for so long.

Anyway, these are just a few of the ideas I have about reforming health care. None of them involve the government getting involved in telling you what or what isn't covered.

Update: I struggled for several days with the idea of #2. Just could not seem to come to grips with a good idea to alleviate this issue. Friend of mine said that he did not really care for the idea, and was going to suggest an alternative. I hope it is better than mine.


Anonymous said...

See, if they were open to "un-American" debate... people might actually come up with some interesting ideas.

I like this, Tim!

Jason said...

Hey Tim - here's my response:
Non-Government Solutions to Healthcare: Possible?

SpaceGhost said...

Jason, excellent post. Really like your points.

y-intercept said...

I worked in insurance and came up with a stellar plan called The Medical Savings and Loan. This free market reform replaces insurance with a combination of savings accounts and interest free loans.

The combination of savings and loans gives people full coverage for all anticipated expenses. As people have equity in their account it is inherently portablable.