Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I did not vote for McCain, I voted against Obama

Let me explain. I cast my vote for John McCain. Not because I wanted, but because I felt I had to. Sadly, I felt that I would be unhappy with many things that McCain would do. He has done things in the past that were extremely upsetting to my conservative values. However I never questioned his loyalty to this country.

I would have rather voted for someone I believed in. Alas the two party machine seems hell bent on not delivering us anyone of value. I agree with George Washington on this. I am not a fan of the two party or having a party system at all. The election should be about values, character, and the issues.

Too many things did not set well with me about Obama. However, I do not care that Obama is black, still don’t. No matter what Janeane Garofolo thinks. I did not even care that he might be Muslim. I will let you in on a secret. My wife is Muslim.  Don’t let that fact trip you up. Just trying to prove a point that I don’t judge someone by their religion.

However I did care about:

- Spending 20 years in a church that does not preach Christianity. They teach Black Liberation Theology. Educate yourself on it. It is illuminating. He only denounced Reverend Wright when it was politically convenient. I also found it amazing that Barack changed his story several times on whether or not he ever heard Rev Wright preaching hate speech within days and the media never called him on it. His choice of this church was merely a political ploy in my humble opinion.

- Associations of such a radical extreme nature that it begs into question the very depth of the mans character. What hides behind the smiling facade? I found this excellent post that lists them all with reference articles. Would the media have ignored and dismissed these associations if they had been McCain’s associates? I think not.

- Obama is the most pro-abortion politician to come out of the leftist machine in a long time. He voted several times against legislation that would require another doctor at a late term abortion in case the baby was born alive! Why? Because it would inconvenience the doctor and the woman having the abortion. Once again I let you hear his own words. He has also promised to sign the FOCA act which would essentially demolish any and all laws put in to regulate abortions.

- The massive amount of incredibly damning video and audio that was found about this man from people like NakedEmperorNews. Spend some time browsing that channel. Then ask yourself, how did a children's book writer dig these up, yet the media never found them? Better yet, after she did their job for them, how did these videos never see the TV screen except via Fox News?

- Socialism. Many times during the election he said things that reeked of socialistic dogma, yet once again the media was silent. It took a poor plumber asking a question out of the blue to stir this question up. What was the media response? To attack and investigate Joe the Plumber. I do not know the man, but what the media did was despicable. Instead of investigating the Marxist rhetoric and looking for the truth they chose to attack a citizen who simply asked a question.

- His Book: Dreams of my father. There is quite a bit of racism embedded within this book. I will let you decide for yourself by listening to the man in his own words. Go ahead, dismiss it like most of the country did. It is a part of him.

Who do I blame? Barack Obama? No. The people who voted for him? Somewhat.

I really blame the media. They elected this man, and I hate them for it. The kept things hidden, they glossed over issues. They did not perform honest journalistic investigation. I would not have cared if they had found dirt on either candidate, as long as they were looking. Even Russia could see the bias. Honesty, integrity. No where to be found. For that, I am outraged and I refuse to stay silent.

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Shambo said...

it is a good write up about Obama... though the title is a bit misleading. I expected it to be more about how 3rd party candidates will never be a viable option and you had to vote for the lesser of evils instead of the candidate who would be the best for the job.